Testimony to replace the toxic Oil & Nuclear Age

with a Solar Hydrogen Cannabis Age worldwide by 2025

On December 30, 2018,  Meet the Press host Chuck Todd and his guest Michael Bloomberg both acknowledged the climate change crisis demanded that significant actions be taken, without mentioning specifics.  Indeed, Bloomberg stated every presidential candidate should have a detailed plan — yet no such plan has yet been proposed.  Such a plan has existed all along, which is outlined below, with no research and development needed — which was not developed by politicians, but thousands of scientists and engineers.  Moreover, a recent CBS 60 Minutes report, the Plastic Plague, documented the oil-based plastics are a major element of the death of the ocean ecosystems, yet the report failed to mention that if the plastics had been made from cannabis resins rather than oil, they would be not just be non-toxic but highly nutritious.  Images and details are provided in the report below.



It’s not just the CO2.
Urgent United Nations IPCC Panel Testimony

By Harry W. Braun

A senior scientist and 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate who represents thousands of scientists and engineers worldwide (, who are all focused on replacing the highly-toxic Oil Age with a Solar Hydrogen Age worldwide with wartime-speed.



Harry Braun’s Democratic Presidential Priorities

Braun’s proposed Phoenix Project Plan will replace all fossil & nuclear fuels worldwide by 2025 — with hydrogen made from water with electricity from the sun and wind, as well as from cannabis and other strategically-important biomass crops.


Thousands of scientists and engineers worldwide, including the IPCC and over half of the Nobel Laureates, have all warned that the Oil & Nuclear Age is rapidly making the Earth uninhabitable, yet establishing a global carbon trading system will only extend the toxic Oil Age rather than replacing it with a Solar Hydrogen Age that can fundamentally end the production of all toxic oil-based chemicals worldwide by 2025, which is also advocated by thousands of scientists and engineers worldwide who are members of the International Association for Hydrogen Energy ( And as Henry Ford demonstrated in the 1920’s, the least expensive hydrogen and automotive plastics that were 10-times stronger than steel were all made from non-toxic and renewable cannabis crops grown by small farmers in a concept called “Chemurgy,” which would have put the oil and coal corporations out of business if cannabis had not been made illegal in 1937 without any recorded vote in either the House or Senate, and over the objections of the American Medical Association, by oil industry lobbyists led by Oil Baron Andrew Mellon, who was also the Treasury Secretary of the U.S.

However, the increasing mass-production and use of fossil fuels since the 1930’s has resulted in the catastrophic climate change chaos as well as the chemical contamination of every man, woman and child worldwide, including the unborn who now soak in a witches-brew of tens of thousands of unregulated oil-based chemicals from the moment of conception. This chemical contamination process in physics is called “diffusion,” which occurs every time cream is poured into coffee. And since the Earth and its atmosphere is one large interconnected body of air and water, the chemical and radioactive poisons are diffused worldwide, which is why they now arrive as particles in the wind and rain even in the remote regions of the Arctic.

The tragic result has been staggering epidemics of cancer, Alzheimer’s and other amyloid plaque-based diseases, and trillions of dollars of medical costs they are causing that are not factored into the cost of using petroleum or uranium-based fuels. Given these are Nuremberg-class chemical contamination and climate change crimes against all life in the Earth, including the critical proteins of life that are being dissolved into the super sticky amyloid plaques, the United Nations and its Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change should not depend on Wall Street traders to stop these Nuremberg-class crimes, but the international Criminal Court to end the production of all toxic chemicals. But the critical first step is for the UN and the IPCC to inform and educate the human community in a press conference about how to return to a sustainable Solar Hydrogen and Cannabis Age that civilizations worldwide were founded upon with wartime speed (i.e. before 2025).


Solar-sourced “electrolytic” hydrogen fuel was first made from the wind and water in Denmark the 1800’s, as the only zero-carbon emission fuel that is non-toxic, much safer than gasoline, and completely renewable. Approximately 17 million two-megawatt wind-powered hydrogen production systems would generate enough electricity and “electrolytic” hydrogen from water to replace all of the fossil and nuclear fuels now used worldwide. And such technologies are no more difficult to mass-produce than the over 17 million new vehicles now made each year for the American market.

Unfortunately, America is now led by a technically illiterate and illegitimate president who denies climate change science, who was “selected” in a completely unverifiable so-called election that was hacked nation-wide by the Russians for Trump, a bizarre and pathological liar who praises dictators and governs like a mobster. Trump has fired virtually all of the U.S. attorneys in the Justice Department and most of the scientists at the Environmental Protection Agency in order to serve the coal and Oil Industrial Complex, which has shell corporations that own the major Wall Street Banks and local and national news corporations that gave Trump over $5 billion of free news coverage just in the primary, after he repeatedly announced his intentions to use U.S. Armed Forces to mass-murder people in foreign countries in order to steal their oil and minerals — while ignoring my Wikipedia-listed democratic presidential campaign to implement a solar hydrogen energy system with wartime-speed.

Thus Trump and the Republicans in the U.S. have allowed the oil barons to exponentially accelerate the completely unnecessary fracking and contamination of America and its people, and as such, China, which is fortunately now focused on mass-producing wind turbines, photovoltaic cells, hydrogen fuel cells and building a Hydrogen City, is clearly the most likely country to lead this critically-important international mass-production effort to replace the Oil & Nuclear Age with a Solar Hydrogen and Cannabis Age by 2025.

Such hydrogen production and engine systems can be lubricated with non-toxic cannabis and jojoba bean oils that are also completely renewable, non-toxic and free from carbon emissions. However, as Henry Ford and his chemical engineers demonstrated in the 1920’s, in a concept called “Chemurgy,” the quickest and least expensive way to put the Oil and Coal Barons out of business was to have small farmers simply grow cannabis and other strategically-important crops to make hydrogen and ethanol, as well as non-toxic food, medicines, and automotive plastics that were 10-times stronger than steel.

In the 1990’s, a panel for the U.S. National Academy of Sciences dismissed wind power as a major factor because the wind changes in velocity from second to second, and it often blows at night when there is no demand for the electricity. But as any sailor – or banker – knows, the wind at any given site is remarkably consistent over a given month, and if the electricity is used to extract hydrogen from water, the “intermittenticy” issue disappears. And unlike electricity, hydrogen is the only “universal fuel” that can power any existing engine or power plant, and be safely exported worldwide indefinitely. Thus hydrogen is the key variable that allows wind and other solar technologies to displace all base load fossil fuel and nuclear power plants.

According to the accident report of the Hindenburg accident, two-thirds of the passengers and crew survived the accident, and of the 35 people who died, 33 died because they jumped out of the airship and died from the fall, and two people were burned to death from the diesel fuel that powered the Hindenburg’s Mercedes Benz engines. No one was killed or injured from the hydrogen fire, because as the lightest (and most abundant) element in the universe, hydrogen dissipates from a leak or accident in a matter of seconds, compared to hydrocarbon fuels that are heavier than air, which form explosive mixtures and wick to a person’s clothes and skin, often burning them to death.

All photosynthetic proteins, microbes and green plants have been successfully extracting hydrogen from water with sunlight on a global scale for over 3 billion years. Hydrogen was first extracted from water with electricity (i.e., electrolysis) in the year 1800, and seven years later, the world’s first automobile was built, which is shown below in this report and on the website, which was using the “electrolytic” hydrogen fuel, which was easy to make compared to the highly-toxic and non-renewable gasoline or diesel hydrocarbon fuels.

Thousands of hydrogen-fueled vehicles have been manufactured since the 1800’s, including U.S. Air Force aircraft and all of the Saturn V Moon Rockets and Space Shuttles. BMW, Mercedes Benz, GM, Ford, Honda and other major automobile companies have all been developing hydrogen vehicles and refueling systems for many decades, yet the U.S. oil company-controlled news media and lobbyists in the U.S. Congress continue to ignore the hydrogen energy and economic option, as well as the World Hydrogen Energy Conferences that have been organized annually by the International Association for Hydrogen Energy in a different country very other year, in cooperation with a major universities since the 1970s.

Even the chemical engineers from the oil industry are well-represented in these international hydrogen energy conferences because one cannot even make gasoline without significant amounts of water and hydrogen. Thus there is a vast technical data base of hydrogen production, storage, liquefaction, transmission and end-use as a super-safe, carbon-free fuel and chemical feedstock for making everything from computer chips to float glass. And because the hydrogen energy technology has been available since the 1800’s, no research and development is necessary, and the key electrolytic and cannabis hydrogen production, storage and engine conversion technologies are all in the public domain. Thus the primary obstacles to shifting from an Oil Age to a Solar Hydrogen Age are not technical or financial – they are educational and political.

Primordial Hydrogen

Hydrogen is the simplest, lightest, and most abundant element in the known Universe, which is the primary fuel used by the Sun and other stars, and the Solar Hydrogen Energy System has a remarkable historical precedent on the Earth. Some 4-billion years ago, the primordial proteins of all life on the Earth, whose molecular structure is so complex that no supercomputer has yet been powerful enough to characterize their hydrogen-based metabolic biochemistry, were rapidly running out of the hydrogen the proteins had initially been extracting from the carbon-based primordial soup, with a relatively high energy conversion efficiency of approximately 40 percent.

However, the hydrogen in the primordial soup was non-renewable, thus after some 500 million years, it was rapidly being depleted by the exponentially increasing numbers of proteins who were competing for fewer and fewer resources. Thus in order to survive, the proteins developed a revolutionary new molecule called chlorophyll, which allowed the proteins to extract the hydrogen they needed for metabolism from water with sunlight. While this photosynthesis process was only about one percent efficient, it allowed the proteins to survive and prosper by building viruses, bacteria and human beings, and this one percent efficient photosynthetic solar hydrogen system has worked successfully on a global scale with no chemical contamination for over 3 billion years. Thus sustainability is far more critical than efficiency.

The Phoenix Project:

Replacing the Oil and Nuclear Age
with the Solar Hydrogen Age with Wartime-Speed.


The liquid hydrogen-fueled BMW pictured on the back of the 360-page Phoenix Project book above published in 2000, which is available online as an ebook from the PhoenixProjectFoundation.US website, is also able to use gasoline if necessary until hydrogen refueling stations are common, although every home and gasoline station has all that is needed for hydrogen production: electricity and water. The liquid hydrogen tanker was engineered and built by General Dynamics for NASA’s space programs in the 1970’s. The Dish Stirling solar concentrating systems, which are similar to an automobile from a manufacturing perspective, are shown “on sun” at the McDonnell Douglas Solar Test Site in Huntington Beach, California, where I worked for more than a decade. The systems have held the world’s efficiency record of 30% since the 1980’s for converting solar energy into grid-quality electricity.

The rapid transition to a wind and other solar-sourced Hydrogen Age is also summarized in the related Phoenix Project DVD that was also produced in the year 2000. At the end of the 45-minute DVD, after the credits, there is a remarkable 5-minute ABC News “Person of the Week” report by Peter Jennings about John Lorenzen, an Iowa farmer and hydrogen pioneer who only had a 6th grade education because of his father’s death, he had to quit school to help his mother on their farm. But his education continued, and in his spare time in his workshop, Lorenzen developed America’s first wind-powered hydrogen home and hydrogen-fueled pickup truck — with no one’s help. Indeed, what Lorenzen did on his small farm is what humanity must now do worldwide with wartime-speed (i.e. by 2025).

Note the world’s first automobile with an internal combustion engine (shown below) was engineered and built in the year 1807 in Switzerland, that was using hydrogen fuel made from water with electricity from a battery that had been developed and demonstrated seven years earlier by an Italian physicist, Alessandro Volta, who demonstrated his battery at the World’s Fair in the year 1800 long before the highly-toxic Oil Age and gasoline existed.


If all of the automotive vehicles, including aircraft, ships, trains and power plants had been using “electrolytic” hydrogen, made from the sun, wind and water, instead of fossil fuels, the climate change chaos and chemical contamination that is now in the final stages of making planet Earth uninhabitable would never have occurred.

Henry Ford’s Remarkable Cannabis Cars

“Why use up the forests which were centuries in the making and the mines which required ages to lay down, if we can get the equivalent of forest and mineral products in the annual growth of the hemp (i.e. cannabis) fields?”
-Henry Ford

Henry Ford is shown above repeatedly striking the cannabis plastic trunk of one of his new automobiles with a large axe, with no damage. Imagine striking the steel trunk or fender of your car with an axe. All of Ford’s cars were engineered to use cannabis-derived hydrogen to make clean-burning ethanol that was less than half the cost of gasoline. The car’s interior carpets and upholstery were also all made from the superstrong cannabis fibers that would last a lifetime.

As Henry Ford demonstrated in the 1920’s and 1930’s, the fastest and least-expensive production of hydrogen, ethanol, and automotive plastics that were non-toxic, biodegradable and 10-times stronger than steel, was made from the resins of cannabis crops and seeds. Thus Ford proposed to have small farmers all across America replace coal and oil by simply growing cannabis everywhere in every community in the USA, a concept chemical engineers of the day referred to as “Chemurgy,” a branch of applied chemistry that is concerned with preparing industrial products from agricultural raw materials.

However, given the Chemurgy concept was a mortal threat to the emerging Oil Industrial Complex, Oil Barron Andrew Mellon, who was also appointed by President Hoover to be Treasury Secretary, lead the effort to remove cannabis from the market by changing its scientific name to an unknown slang term “marijuana,” so it could be then be made illegal as a “new” and highly-toxic drug in 1937, with no recorded vote in either the House or Senate — in spite of the many objections from the American Medical Association, and without the constitutional amendment that was needed to make alcohol illegal, as per Article 1, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution. Details on the history of the highly-secret Congressional Hearings on cannabis have been documented by University of California law professor Charles Whitebread and his colleagues.

While this oil industry scam to remove cannabis from the market was successful, the net result has been the Climate Change and Chemical Contamination Chaos that is now at the heart of the 6th Mass Extinction event in the Earth’s history. And as such, the solution is to simply return to the Solar Hydrogen and Cannabis Age that America and Civilization worldwide was founded upon — just like the United States did in World War II when the foreign supplies of cannabis (which DuPont was secretly nitrating into high-explosives for the War Department) had been cut off. Thus the U.S. Department of Agriculture was ordered to establish a public corporation to grow cannabis next to the rail road lines for easy shipment to DuPont. While the high-explosives and super-strong fibers from cannabis used in uniforms and parachutes were critical for winning the war, the cannabis explosives did not leave behind any toxic contamination.

However, all of the U.S. bombs and munitions shown below that were used in the Oil Wars since 1991 have been tipped with highly-toxic uranium 238, the major toxic by-product of the nuclear industry, which has a half-life of 4.5 billion years. And once detonated, the uranium contaminated dust particles are picked up by the winds and distributed worldwide in the jet streams, until they return to the Earth in the wind and rain worldwide — including over vast areas of the United States, which has never been mentioned by the U.S. corporate news media. This is one more Nuremberg-class crime against humanity that the American people have never been informed of, which is also a major factor in the mass-extinction event now underway.

America’s seemingly endless and completely unnecessary Oil Wars have resulted in millions of deaths and deformed children worldwide. Yet since the 1970’s, thousands of distinguished scientists and engineers, organized in large part by engineering professor Nejat Veziroglu, have established the engineering foundation to replace the highly-toxic and non-renewable Oil Age with a Hydrogen Age that is non-toxic and completely renewable.

IAHE Founding President, Professor Nejat Veziroglu


Engineering professor T. Nejat Veziroglu, who has a 93-page resume, was one of the founding members of the IAHE, and served as its President for many decades as he organized major World Hydrogen Energy Conferences in cooperation with major universities every other year. Even the chemical engineers from the oil and chemical industries were present, given one cannot make gasoline without the hydrogen that bonds the hydrocarbon molecules together. Yet these remarkable events that for many decades have provided the only peer-reviewed technical foundation for fundamentally solving the Oil Age-caused climate change and chemical contamination chaos have never been covered by any national news network in the USA. Nor did any of the oil industry-owned news networks report on professor Veziroglu’s endorsement my presidential campaign in 2016, or BMW’s remarkable fleet of liquid-hydrogen-fueled automobiles, one of which is shown below.

Liquid Hydrogen BMW


BMW has been focused on developing liquid hydrogen-fueled engines and vehicles like the one shown above since the 1980’s, which are much safer than gasoline and the other heavy hydrocarbon fuels in the event of leaks or accidents. This is because hydrogen is the lightest element in the universe, thus it will harmlessly dissipate into the air in a fraction of a second once a leak or accident occurs. But when the hydrogen atoms are chemically bonded to carbon, forming large, heavy and highly-toxic hydrocarbon molecules, these heavier-than-air mixtures rapidly form explosive and highly-toxic mixtures that contaminate and kill large numbers of American’s each year.

Consider that less than three million two megawatt wind powered hydrogen production systems (operating with a 25% capacity factor), which are similar to the 17 million new automotive vehicles made for the U.S. each year, would permanently replace all of the fossil and nuclear fuels now used in the United States (i.e. approximately 100 quads). And 17 million 2 megawatt hydrogen production systems would replace all of the fossil and nuclear fuels now used worldwide, with hydrogen, the only non-toxic and renewable fuel made from the sun, wind and water.

Liquid Hydrogen Transport Ships, Refueling Systems
and SuperGrid Hydrogen Infrastructure


The liquid hydrogen transport ship shown above (left) was developed for NASA by General Dynamics in the 1970’s, and because hydrogen is non-toxic, it will not contaminate ocean environments when leaks or accidents occur. A hydrogen Honda on the right is being refueled by a hydrogen production and refueling pump that was also developed for Honda for homes and communities. The liquid hydrogen SuperGrid shown above was developed by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), where the cryogenic liquid hydrogen allows the electricity to be transported as a superconductor, with virtually no energy loss, as well as the magnetically-levitated ultra-high-speed mass transit system.

Lockheed Liquid Hydrogen Commercial Aircraft Modifications proposed in the 1970’s

Lockheed engineers in the 1970’s demonstrated how any existing aircraft can be modified to use liquid hydrogen fuel by locating the hydrogen fuel tanks within the fuselage of the aircraft. The worlds most advanced hydrogen-fueled “Superdrone” aircraft is being engineered and manufactured by Lockheed Martin for the U.S. Air Force.

Liquid Hydrogen Fueled Space Shuttle

Note the pure water exhaust from the Space Shuttles three liquid hydrogen-fueled mounted in the tail section, compared to the highly-toxic exhaust exhaust emitted by the two highly-explosive aluminum-fueled solid rocket boosters (which NASA engineers did not want to use), which caused the explosion that killed the crew of the Space Shuttle Columbia in 2003.

Lockheed Martin OTEC Solar Hydrogen Production Systems

Lockheed Martin has been developing Solar Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) systems for the large-scale production of electricity, hydrogen, fish food and purified water since the 1970’s. A Mini-OTEC modified barge system (shown below left) was developed and successfully tested by Lockheed in 1979 off the coast of Hawaii, and Lockheed’s proposed 100 megawatt OTEC system is shown on the right below with a helicopter landing on the platform at the top of the concrete-hull structure, which is similar to offshore oil platforms. Either wind or OTEC systems alone, or a combination of the two, could rapidly replace all fossil and nuclear fuels now used worldwide.


OTEC International System in Hawaii


A 2000 MW artificial hydrogen production island is shown with eight OTEC power plants and a large array of solar photovoltaic cells and wind turbines.

OTEC islands can also be engineered to incorporate universities, commercial and residential properties.

OTEC systems were initially developed in the 1800’s by a French physicist as the only solar technology that is able to operate 24-hours-a-day, seven days a week, regardless of weather conditions, due to the constant temperatures between the warm surface seawater and the cold-near freezing water that lies below. Such systems, which are no more difficult to manufacture than an oil tanker, operate by pumping up the cold nutrient rich deep water up near the surface where the sun provides the energy for the marine ecosystems to regenerate, while providing vast amounts of purified water each day as by-products. Thus deploying large fleets of OTEC hydrogen productions may be the only way to reverse the destruction of the Earth’s 3-billion-year-old ocean ecosystem.

Windship Hydrogen Production Systems

The Sea-based “Windship” hydrogen-production systems shown below were developed by engineering professor William Heronemus, the former superintendent of shipbuilding for the United States Navy, who who I worked with when I was working with the senior technical fellows at the Solar Test Site at the Boeing and McDonnell Douglas facility in Huntington Beach, California. Heronemus and his team pointed out that wind and ocean thermal systems can easily be integrated together, and that the Windship hydrogen production systems could have been mass-produced in the 1800’s by simply replacing the sails on modified Clipper ships with rows of wooden wind turbines. As such, the the Oil and Nuclear Age that is making the Earth uninhabitable was never necessary. This epic Nuremberg crime was just highly profitable for “free market” oil and fishing corporations.

The 5 to 15-megwatt Windship hydrogen production systems can easily be integrated into the OTEC systems, although much more advanced Vertical Vortex Wind Generators (shown below) developed by fluid dynamics engineers at Grumman aerospace could increase the power output of each turbine to over 1000 megawatts.

The solar hydrogen production systems shown above could easily and quickly replace all fossil fuel and nuclear energy systems now used worldwide, which can then power organic indoor agricultural systems integrated into homes and commercial buildings like those shown below, which will be able to operate in spite of the climate change chaos that is now inevitable.


By deploying large fleets of hydrogen production systems at sea, a vast sanctuary will be provided for the fish and other marine organisms, which is now critical given over 95 percent of the global ocean ecosystems are now dead. And Given Trump’s mindless executive order to repeal the existing fishing limits that were put in place to allow the shattered fish ecosystems to recover, insuring that nothing will survive, as the tragic images below show. This is what mass extinction looks like in real time, as a three billion-year-old ocean ecosystem is destroyed in only one generation because of the completely unnecessary Oil and Nuclear Age and the mindless corporate practice of over-fishing and trawling, which in the U.S. will only be made illegal once the Democracy Amendment has been ratified by the majority of voters in 38 states.

Trump’s Accelerated “Free Market” Mindless Destruction of the Remaining Ocean Ecosystems


The destruction of the remaining ocean ecosystems is another Nuremberg-class crime that has been accelerated by the Trump administration, which should be using the U.S. Armed Forces to protect the remaining ocean ecosystems rather than contaminating and destroying them.

Why Fracking is a Nuremberg-class Crime

Hydraulic Fracturing (i.e. fracking) is referred to as a temporary bridge to the future, but its unregulated chemical contamination of America’s groundwater, aquifers and rivers will be essentially permanent. While The New York Times and other news networks characterize fracking as “injecting water and chemicals underground,” they fail to mention that over 5 million gallons of water will be contaminated and permanently injected deep underground at each of the hundreds of thousands fracking sites, thereby allowing the chemical poisons to diffuse and contaminate aquifers essentially forever, for a fracking site that typically operates for less than 24 months — often on public lands.

Fracking has also had an enormous impact on causing earthquakes in fracked areas, and note the map below of fracking sites in the USA now taking place on the San Andres fault in California, and near the nation’s two Supervolcano’s, which are both overdue for major eruptions at Yellowstone and the Long Valley Caldera (shown below right) in Mammoth, California. Even one supervolcanic eruption would emit enough ash in the atmosphere to essentially end growing seasons for several years. Yet at present, the federal government and news media dismiss such concerns, thus there is no effort to prepare for them. This insures that virtually no one will survive when the eruptions do occur, which is not a question of whether — but when.

Note the fracking sites are in the same general areas as America’s Aquifers, and less than 3 million 2 megawatt wind-powered hydrogen production systems would replace 100% of the fossil and nuclear fuels now used in the USA. And such systems are no more difficult to mass-produce than the over 17 million new vehicles sold in the USA each year.

The Phoenix Project calls for modifying every existing vehicle in the Defense Department and America to use electrolytic or cannabis-sourced hydrogen fuel, while deploying the U.S. Navy and Coast Guard to protect the remaining ocean ecosystems. Yet Trump who was elected by the Russians in an unverified “selection” process has ignored the National Academy of Sciences and allowed the Oil, Fracking and Nuclear Industrial Corporate Complex to determine national energy and environmental policies in secret, while terminating the fishing and trawling restrictions that were put in place to allow the ocean ecosystems to recover, which insures that none of the remaining ocean ecosystems in North America will survive, thus every day counts!


Given the global State of Emergency that now exists, which was underscored in the latest IPCC Report, it is critical that the United Nations and the IPCC hold a Press Conference to inform and educate the world’s citizens and their elected officials about this specific global “transition of substance” to a Solar Hydrogen and Cannabis Age, with its sustainable energy, economic, infrastructure and cannabinopathic healthcare system, which must be implemented with wartime-speed if humanity — and life itself — are to survive the Oil Age-induced catastrophic climate change and chemical contamination chaos that is at the heart of the Sixth Mass Extinction event in the Earth’s history that is now in its final exponential stages.

Fortunately, every existing vehicle, aircraft, pipeline, power plant and home appliance can be modified to use hydrogen fuel in in both engines and fuel cells. Economic studies produced by the scientists at the U.S. National Renewable Energy Laboratory calculated the cost of wind-generated electrolytic hydrogen to be approximately $2.00 per equivalent gallon of gasoline in high-volume production, although the least expensive hydrogen will still be solar-sourced from cannabis crops. Thus the transition to a Solar Hydrogen Age, Economy, Energy, and non-profit Naturopathic Cannabinopathic Healthcare System needs to be the primary focus of every nation’s domestic and foreign policy — while there is hopefully still time to make a difference.

Please let me know if I can be of assistance to you in your peer-review analysis of this proposal.

Harry W. Braun III
CEO & senior scientist
Mesa Wind LLC
Chairman of Democracy Amendment USA Political Action Committee (
Advisory Board Member, International Association for Hydrogen Energy (
2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate (BraunforPresident.US)

171 Grandmar Chase
Canton, Georgia 30115
Telephone 770-905-7000
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Copyright © December 31, 2018 by Harry W. Braun.
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