Harry Braun during his 2012 Presidential Campaign in Zuccotti Park, New York City.

Two YouTube videos of this event are linked "here" and "here."

Harry William Braun III, born November 6, 1948 in Compton, California, has been the CEO and senior scientist of Mesa Wind LLC, from 2000 to the present, which was the original developer of a $150 million wind project in Elida, New Mexico. Braun is also the founder of the Phoenix Project Foundation, the Science News Network (SNN), and the Democracy Amendment USA 527 political action committee.

Braun graduated from Arizona State University in 1971 with a degree in history, and his post graduate research has been in the areas of anthropology, molecular biology, photobiology (i.e., the biological impact of light), and protein evolution as well as the interrelationships between energy, the environment and the economy.

Braun is an interdisciplinay scientist who has served as an Advisory Board Member of the International Association for Hydrogen Energy (iahe.org) since 1981, which is the world’s largest peer-reviewed hydrogen scientific and engineering society. Braun’s technical papers have been published in the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and the Chemical Engineering & Chemical Industry journal.

Braun was the Democratic nominee for Congress in Arizona’s First Congressional District in 1984 against the incumbent Representative John McCain, where Braun advocated his well-documented Phoenix Project plan to replace all of the fossil and nuclear fuels with hydrogen made from water with electricity generated from wind or other solar technologies that are similar to an automobile from a manufacturing perspective.

Braun was also the Democratic nominee for Congress for the First Congressional District seat in 1986 against Jay Rhodes, the son of John Rhodes who represented Arizona in Congress for ove 30 years. Braun ran for President in the Democratic Primary in 2004 and 2006 to continue with his quest to shift from the Oil Age, that was highly-toxic and unsustainable, to Solar Hydrogen Cannabis Age that is poison-free and inexhaustible.



The Utimate Arcology Ark System

Cities withour cars that produce their own hydrogen energy, chemicals, medicines and food in each community conceived by architect Palo Soleri




Harry Braun's Key Presidential Policy Objectives

  • Ratifying the Democracy Amendment ASAP, so the U.S. Citizens Congress can then take charge of the U.S. Congress.
  • Replace all oil and other highly-toxic fossil and nuclear fuels with solar-sourced hydrogen that will power indoor food production systems in spite of the worsening climate change chaos.
  • Modify every existing home vehicle, aircraft and power plant to use solar or cannabis-sourced hydrogen.
  • Replace the suicidal Ponzi-scheme policy of economic growth with a Stable State economic policy based on sustainability.
  • Provide non-profit Universal Health Care (no insurance will be needed) for all American citizen at no cost, where hospitals and doctors will not be "operating" on commission.
  • Due to the U.S. Debt and overpopulation problem, all citizenship, financial and health care benefits and employment for illegal immigrants must be ended.
  • Provide a World Class Education online at no cost to all U.S. citizens.
  • End the Oil Wars in the Middle East and Ukraine, as well as the use of all uranium-tipped bombs and munitions that have a 4.5 billion year half-life. The high-explosives used in World War II were non-toxic because they were made by nitrating the cellulose from cannabis.
  • Given the THC in cannabis is not a drug at all, but a 500 million-year-old neuro-transmitter, the drug laws and Civil War they have created are scientifically absurd as well as unconstitutional, given a Constitutional amendment was required to make alcohol illegal
  • End the police policy of "shoot to kill."
  • End the production of toxic junk foods and and other toxic products.
  • End the "sick building" epidemic by optimizing indoor lighting systems to simulate natural daylight.
  • Work to implement a Solar Hydrogen and Cannabis economy worldwide, while decommissioning nuclear weapons and power plants by 2020, which will be replaced by wind and cannabis-sourced hydrogen fuels, plastics and textiles that were in use long before the highly-toxic Oil Age that is in the final stages of making the Earth uninhabitable